Baahubali Movie Part 2 Story Leaked in Internet by MANIKANTA July 17, 2015 Entertainment Baahubali Movie Part 2 Story Leaked in Internet. The part 2 story is leaked in the internet, but the twist is not revealed by any of the sites. Baahubali Movie Part 2 Story Leaked in Internet Baahubali Movie Part 2 Story Leaked in Internet In Baahubali – The Conclusion, the story reveals that both Prabhas (Amarendra Baahubali) and Rana (Ballaladeva) love Anushka (Devasena). But, Ramyakrishna (Sivagami) requests Devasena to marry his son Ballaladeva. However, Devasena denies Sivagami’s request and marries Amarendra Baahubali. By seeing the marriage of Baahubali and Devasena, Sivagami gets angry and orders them to leave the kingdom. Mahishmiti kingdom attacked by Kalakeya’s brother As per Sivagami’s order, Baahubali and Devasena leave the reign and leads a happy life. Ballaladeva becomes very anger, because the people in the kingdom gets more affected with Amarendra Baahubali. So he decided to torture the people in the kingdom. Making it an advantage Kalakeya’s brother Charandeep attacks Mahishmithi kingdom. Prabhas comes to know that his kingdom is in risk and decided to save his kingdom and participates in war. According to the plan made by Bijjaladeva (Nasser) and Ballaladeva (Rana) kills Amarendra Baahubali. 

As per the leaked Bahubali full story, the interesting line is as below:

1. Prabhas (Amarendra Bahubali, Rana Daggubati (Ballaladeva) loves Anushka (Devasena)
2. Ramya Krishna (Sivagami) requests Anushka to marry his son Rana
(We can see Ramya Krishna is favor of Shivudu in Part 1. You can see why she changed in the end of the script)
baahubali sets
3. Anushka denies to marry Rana and marries Prabhas (Bahubali)
4. Ramya Krishna gets angry and orders them to leave Mahishmati kingdom
5. Anushka (Devasena), Prabhas (Baahubali) leaves Mahishmati and enjoys happy life
6. Mahishmithi kingdom people loves Bahubali and they pray Baahubali after he leaves the kingdom also.
ramya krishna bahubali hd picture
7. Rana (Bhallaladeva) tortures the people, who is loving Bahubali
8. Bahubali story 2 gets twists after it. Prabhakar (Kalakeya) brother Charandeep attakcs Mahishimithi kingdom. (Bahubali part 1: Bahubali, Bhallaladeva kills Kalakeya)
9. Prabhas (Bahubali) knows the attack and saves Mahishmathi kingdom from Charandeep attack)
10. Bhallaladeva, Bijjaladeva (Nazar) kills Bahubali with a master plan.
11.After knowing the reasons for Bahubali death, Ramyakrishna hates Bhalladeva and Bijjaladeva.
12. She tries to save Anushka son Shivudu (Prabhas) from Rana, Nazar.
13. Shivudu lives away from the kingdom.
14. He knows, who are his parents
15. At the end of the story Shivudu kills Bhallaladeva and Bijjaladeva
16. Interesting twist is ‘Why Satyaraj kills Baahubali? it is not yet revealed
17. Whether Ramyakrishna is alive or dead in the story at last is also suspense

About the twist 

At that time Anushka gives birth to a baby (Shivudu), while Ballaladeva and Bijjaladeva decided to kill Shivudu. Sivagami by knowing the plan of his son decided to save Shivudu by leaving her life. As shown in the first part, Shivudu has been caught by the local tribal people. After knowing the complete story by Shivudu about his parents and how Ballaladeva tortured his mother decided to take revenge on them. With the help of Kattappa, Avantika and Sudeep, Shivudu kills both Ballaladeva and Bijjaladeva. But the suspense is not yet known that why Kattappa kills Amarendra Baahubali? What is the reason? To know about this twist completely you must wait up to 2016.

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